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red tilted fade TightCWA Local 1180 Committees

All meetings start at 6 p.m. and are held at Local 1180, 6 Harrison Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10013, with the exception of the Borough Community Coordinating Committees. For their locations and start times, contact the respective Borough Chair. Where meeting date is not listed, contact Chair directly.



Caribbean Heritage Committee
Gina Strickland, Chair
Meeting: 3rd Wednesday of each month

The Caribbean Diaspora in the United States is an estimated 5 million. The Communications Workers of America, CWA 1180 have recognized the fact that many of our members are Caribbean immigrants who have made significant contributions to the union and the communities they serve. Some of our members are active community leaders, while others hold leadership positions in government. This committee was established in 2008 to bring awareness of our history and cultural heritage.

Civil Rights & Equity/Community Services Committee
Hazel O. Worley, Chair
Meeting: 3rd Tuesday of each month

One of the cornerstones of unionism has been the struggle for just and equal treatment on the job and in society.  A local union Committee on Equity and Civil Rights can offer the expertise and skills needed to provide fair and equitable representation for all members. The Community Service Committee coordinates the Union's involvement in a host of community-based organizations.

Civil Service Committee
Lisa Lloyd, Chair
Meeting: 4th Tuesday of each month

The Civil Service Committee develops and implements programs to promote the understanding of the civil service merit system among the membership; review classification issues raised by the members and assist them in resolving those issues; and advocate the advancement of qualified administrative personnel to administrative and management positions in public service.

Editorial Committee
Marci Rosenblum, Chair

The Editorial Committee plans coverage for upcoming issues of the Communiqué, with the opportunity to contribute articles or photos to the publication or the website. Meetings are held as needed.

Education Committee & Book Club
Lenora Smith, Chair
Meeting: 2nd Monday of each month

The Education Committee develops and promotes the Union's education programs. The committee promotes the Workplace Literacy training programs and special events like financial and home ownership seminars. Our computer skills program gives our members the opportunity to stay on top of the latest technology. The Book Club was established in 2003 and to date has read and discussed more than 100 books. The Book Club is always looking for more members to join and participate in the lively discussions. Meetings are held as needed.

Hispanic Committee
Venus Williams, Chair
Meeting: 2nd Thursday of each month

The Hispanic Committee's goal is to foster a sense of community and unity among the membership by actively cultivating a sense of charity through the collection of school supplies and clothing drives for the less fortunate. We also show our pride through participation in the National Puerto Rican Day parade.

Legislative and Political Committee
Gerald Brown, Chair

The Legislative and Political Action Committee protects and improves our standard of living and secures a good life for generations to come. We know elections make a difference, which is why we identify, endorse, and support candidates in both primaries and general elections. Meetings are held as needed.

Organizing Committee 
Leslie Fine, Chair

The Organizing Committee seeks out and follows up on leads for workplaces we could organize into the Union. Committee members work to make the Union bigger and stronger by helping to develop organizing literature, doing outreach, and sharing their experiences with workers who want to organize a union on their job.

People with Disabilities Committee 
Edward M. Yood, Chair
Meeting: 1st Wednesday of each month

The Committee on People with Disabilities assists the officers and members in promoting the rights, status, and careers of disabled persons in the workplace, the Union, the Local, and society. It organizes solidarity delegations by CWA 1180 members at disability rights events, including the Disability Pride Parade, and arranges training for members on issues impacting people with disabilities who are members, members’ families, or part of  the communities in which we live.


Vera Jordan, Chair
Meeting: TBD

The Pride Committee is for all LGBTQ members and community allies in Local 1180. We know that CWA Local 1180 is a union that brings unity, diversity, advocacy, equity, and support to the LGBTQ community. Our committee works to inspire social justice and a safe environment, to educate members and eradicate signs of harassment and workplace violence. We focus on the historical struggles and victories of working LGBTQ people in the labor movement, as well as advocacy for social change in the workplace today. Our committee values respect and dignity for all, and approaches LGBTQ rights with a racial justice lens. We welcome all those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or belong to any other marginalized gender or sexuality group. We prioritize the dignity and safety of LGBTQ members, but welcome all who wish to fight for LGBTQ rights in the workplace.

Women’s Committee 

Denise Gilliam, Chair
Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of each month

The Women’s Committee’s objective is to raise awareness of the issues that are essential to women, such as healthcare, homelessness, homecare, childcare, housing, the elderly, and education.

Borough Community
Coordinating Committees

Committees meet monthly and give both active and retired members a chance to come together and meet with Union representatives, staff, and officers to hear about and discuss important topics and find ways to spread important labor messages into respective communities.  Meeting notices are published monthly on the Local 1180 website and are e-blasted to the membership. Please consider getting involved in your local BCCC. 
Bronx BCCC
Carolyn Chamorro, Chair

Brooklyn BCCC
Verna Finley, Chair

Manhattan BCCC
Patricia Jacobs, Chair

Queens BCCC
Elaine Blaire, Chair

Staten Island BCCC
Rosie Roman, Chair